Ohio State Game Watch Party Announced

November 9, 2011

Hello Lions,

Please join us November 19th for the 3:30PM kickoff of the Ohio State vs. Penn State game at Rick’s Sports Bar in Murrysville! We will have a private room, just ask to join the party! Come as early as you’d like and stay late to celebrate the win. Meet fellow Alumni and enjoy the welcoming environment as we cheer on the Blue and White. See you there!

Rick’s Sports Bar and Grill
5400 William Penn Highway
Export, PA 15632-9005
(724) 733-1973



  1. Hi! I’m Monica Thomas, I’m a member here, but not been active. I was wondering if you guys are familiar with the group “Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship”? The link to their page is http://www.ps4rs.org/
    I’m just spreading the word, they asked their members to get their name out to the local chapters. Hopefully you guys can pass this on? Thanks so much!
    For the Glory…

  2. Hi Monica,

    Sorry for the lateness in the response. Yes I’ve received information about Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship in the letter that was recently sent out. I encourage you to actively seek out the Grassroots Network as well (http://alumni.psu.edu/grassroots) regarding University concerns. Thank you for your interest in our Blog!

    Fight On, State


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