1. Does the chapter have a membership fee?

Yes — There is an annual membership fee of $15.00 per couple or $10.00 per individual.

2. How long of a membership does the fee cover?

Your fee will cover one year of membership. Payments are preferred in April but are flexible.

3. What is my membership fee being used for?

Your contribution assists with costs associated with three $1500.00 scholarships for graduating high school seniors attending Penn State as well as THON donations, various social events and more.

4. How can I make my membership payment?

Payment can be made by check or cash.

Chapter Meetings:

1. Where do chapter meetings take place?


Odd Months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)

Panera Bread

300 Greengate Centre Circle

Greensburg, PA 15601-1298

Store: (724) 552-0399

Even Months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Youngwood, PA 15697


1. When do meetings occur?

Meetings take place on the 1st Wednesday of every month.


1. At what time do meetings occur? How long do they last?

Meetings start at 7:30pm unless noted and typically last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

2. Are meetings mandatory?

Meetings are not mandatory but in order to fully enjoy the resources, information, and networks available regular attendance is highly recommended. In order to qualify for football ticket incentives, a minimum number of attendances may be required.*

*Please contact chapter president Jim Frank via phone at 724-527-6383 for details.

3. What if I cannot make a meeting, is there a copy of chapter notes that I can reference?

Yes — You will be able to refer to all chapter notes on the chapter’s blog site

4. Do I need to bring anything to the chapter meetings?

In order to best manage the agenda of monthly meetings, it is recommended that a notepad and pen be brought to meetings. Chapter notes will be made available online after meetings.


1. What are some of the benefits of joining the Westmoreland County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association?

The Westmoreland County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association works hard to ensure your membership is enriching through social/professional events, activities, networking opportunities, and social/professional trips. All of these resources aim to better Penn State’s connection with the community, its Alumni, and to further the university’s goals and mission through active alumni service. These benefits also target individual growth, leadership, and service which continue to promote active and caring alumni members.

2. Does the chapter host any events? (networking, career workshops, socials, etc)

Yes – The chapter hosts several events including THON Canning Weekends, THON Weekend Trips, socials, TV Tailgates, Away Game Trips, State College Tailgates, and more.

3. Is there any additional cost associated with any events hosted by the chapter?

Additional costs will be posted on the calendar of events page on the chapter’s blog site or discussed via e-mail or during chapter meetings.

Getting Involved:

1. Does the chapter do any philanthropy for THON?

The chapter is currently developing its plan of action for THON fundraising and does plan on fundraising at canning locations in Westmoreland County for THON 2012. The Westmoreland County Chapter is also working with the Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group (DMAIG*) for THON 2012.

*Want to learn more about the DMAIG? Join on Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow on Twitter @dmaigeditor!

(This is from what Jim and I talked about, if you have more information feel free to add)

2. Does the chapter participate in any local fundraising efforts?

Yes – The chapter works with the Greensburg YMCA for the chapter’s annual Christmas Family project.

 Chapter President Jim Frank discusses the project in an interview conducted in 2010: https://westmorelandpsualumni.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/interview-with-jim-frank/

3. How can I become an active chapter member? (chair positions, executive board, clubs, etc)

We highly encourage all members to become actively involved in different aspects of the chapter that are of special interest. We offer many opportunities including executive board positions, fundraising opportunities, and different roles within the chapter of increased responsibility.

4. Does the chapter organize any trips or events at State College? (i.e. football weekends)

Yes — Check the chapter’s event calender on its blog site for news regarding trips and events to State College for football weekends, Homecoming, and more.

5. Are there opportunities to purchase football tickets through the chapter?

Yes – there are opportunities to purchase tickets through members or through chapter raffles; check with chapter president Jim Frank by phone at 724-527-6383 for details.

6. Can the chapter be found through any social media pages?

Yes — The chapter has a Facebook page which can be found at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=74385693640

*Please note that this Facebook page will be archived; look for a new Facebook presence soon!

7. How is our chapter linked to other chapters, Penn State campuses, and University Park?

The Westmoreland County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association brings together Alumni in the county and is a local extension of the Penn State Alumni Association. Currently there are over 150 registered alumni in Westmoreland County. There are over 2,400 Alumni Association Members in Westmoreland County. Each of the 35 chapters in Pennsylvania represents Penn State’s ideals, mission, and goals through service and events.

Chapters may work with commonwealth campuses, other chapters, University Park, and university representatives. The Westmoreland County Chapter is linked to University Park through Regional Field Director Charlene M. Gaus.


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